A contemporary take of the vintage trunk box.

  • Ruggedly built.
  • Can be used as a seat (upto 100 kgs) or an ottoman.
  • Store stuff in style.
  • Material: High Quality Plywood board.
  • Wood Finish: Enamel Paint + Protective coat for water resistance.
  • Sizes: Large & Medium
  • Colour Variants: Yellow and Turquoise.
  • DImensions: Large (24″Lx15″Dx12″H), Medium (18″Lx15″Dx12″H)
  • Assembly: Comes as a single unit. No assembly needed.
  • Warranty: 3 year warranty on wooden material.

Large Variant

Cost: Rs. 7215 (all inclusive)

Free Shipping

Medium Variant

Cost: Rs. 5415 (all incl)

Free Shipping

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