Declutter is a brand that aspires to create offbeat light furniture.

The biggest challenge of the 21st century is to live in spacious homes. For that we need to get rid of bulky age-old furniture designs and needless clutter.

Our designs are minimalist with a dash of colour. It’s time to reclaim our homes as a space where we would be excited to get back after a long tiring day of work.

Most of our products are made up of re-used wood in an attempt to reduce the demand of newly cut wood. Wood is one of the only substances on earth that can be used again and again without deterioration in it’s characteristics. Also note, since the lockdown we are only creating products with new wood because of supply-chain disruptions.

We’ve taken the road less travelled by being offbeat, minimalist & eco-friendly. If our products excite you, be our early adopters. We’d be thrilled to have you on this minimalist decor journey.