Thrive from home center-table is a multi-functional minimalist center table.

  • Hydraulic Table lift functionality to work from living room.
  • Ample storage space for the living room for:-
    • Newspapers/Magazines
    • Electronic Gadgets
    • Cups and Plates
  • Stylish black legs at the bottom.
  • Premium table lift fittings.
  • Material: Engineered Wood/Solid Wood
  • Variants: Smokey Finish, Wood Finish, Industrial Finish
  • Wood Finish: Protective coats for water & moisture resistance.
  • DImensions: 30″L x 18″B x 9.5″H(Box), 17.5″L x 8″H(Legs)
  • Table Height: When closed: 17.5″ from ground level, When lifted: 25.5″ from ground level
  • Assembly: Pre-Assembled box with table lift, Legs to be fixed by buyer


Smokey Finish
Rs. 12789 (all incl)
Free Shipping
Wood Finish
Rs. 15789(all incl)
Free Shipping
Industrial Finish
Rs. 18789 (all incl)
Free Shipping

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